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+Prime 5000lb/1lb Pallet Truck / Pallet Jack / Pallet Scale with Indicator


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The Prime 5000lb heavy duty pallet jack scale can save you lots of time by weighing and moving around the pallet at the same time.  The forks can go as low as 3.25" so the scale will fit most standard pallets. 


  • Heavy-duty industrial design
  • 5000lb capacity in 1lb increments
  • Low profile (3.25" min. height)
  • 4 alloy steel shear beam load cells
  • Stainless steel NEMA 4x junction box with signal trim board
  • Nylon rimmed wheels
  • Prime PS-IN103 indicator with serial output
  • Package configuered and calibrated with 5000 divisions
  • One-year limited warranty


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